Process and early concept renderings

At Monday evening’s Merriam City Council meeting, staff presented an update on the Facilities Master Plan process, which included early concepts and renderings. This post summarizes the presentation.

First off, it’s important to emphasize that everything is still conceptual at this point — much like the previous studies completed by Susan Richards Johnson and Associates or Larkin Aquatics. View FINAL Larkin Aquatics Study – Merriam Aquatic Center.

Here’s an illustration showing the long process of creating a final plan — items in red are complete; those in green are in progress, and the ones in black have not begun.

Master Plan Process Graphic Crop

As you can see, we still have a way to go and are very eager to reach the finish line. Conducting the statistically-valid survey was a key part of the process, and since receiving the final report, staff has devoted much time analyzing the results. The past few blog posts discussed those findings.

Three concepts emerged from the survey findings. These concepts are based solely on what residents say they want new facilities to include, and all three were presented to the Steering Committee on September 22. These preliminary plans show approximate square footage to determine if city-owned land could be used.

Please keep in mind that these are only preliminary concepts that are not attached to costs or financial expenditures at this time.

Concepts (presentation and renderings available online)

Concept A (~65,000 GSF)

New Facility in Vavra Park including Indoor & Outdoor Aquatic Center

Concept B (~53,000 GSF)

New Facility in Vavra Park including Outdoor Aquatics

Concept C (~53,000 – 65,000 GSF ~18,000 GSF IBFCC)

New Facility in Vavra Park, including indoor and/or outdoor aquatics renovation of a portion of the existing Irene B. French Community Center

* Adaptive reuse of the 1911 and 1938 construction into an art center with surrounding park use development.

Studies show that Vavra Park is large enough to accommodate each of these concepts, but the sizes represented in the renderings are estimates. Program areas in each concept will be studied further, as we must identify a threshold to determine cost recovery of operational expenses — and multiple operational scenarios will be reviewed for each concept

Next steps in the process:

  • Staff and consultants will tour other facilities in the region
  • Consultants will prepare a business plan, including:
  • Per unit cost for membership
  • Core programs based on new space
  • Operational budget
  • Operational management standards
  • The Steering Committee will meet on November 2, 2016 to discuss the business plan
  • Final master plan will go before Merriam City Council on December 12, 2016

For more information:

View a presentation of the concept renderings

Read the full report of survey findings

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