Staff Presents Mail Ballot Option

During the City Council meeting on Monday night, staff presented a information about the mail ballot election process as an option to explore as part of the recreation facilities conversation.  Although the City is still in the information gathering stage of this conversation, a public vote would be required to implement a sales tax and issue bonds for the construction of a new facility.  City Administrator Chris Engel explained to the Council during his presentation that because this issue is so important to our community, mailing a ballot to every registered voter often yields better turnout and participation in an election than holding a traditional vote at the polls.

Generally, a special election (like what would be required for this issue) has a 90-day time frame from when the City Council passes the ballot resolution to election day.  Mail ballots are distributed to all registered voters 20 days prior to the election and must be postmarked by noon on election day.  To trigger the collection of sales tax, the City Council must approve an ordinance certifying the election and submit it to the Department of Revenue by the end of the quarter.  Sales tax collection would begin the first day following the next full quarter.  This is just a general timeline provided to the Council for the purposes of this conversation – a formal timeline would be established if the Council decides to move forward with this issue and an election date is set.

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